I'm Rocío. Paraguayan journalist working in NYC. I'm a self-taught photographer. In my free time I take photos of NY and other places I visit.

Soy Rocío, periodista paraguaya en Nueva York. Fotógrafa autodidacta y amante de éste género artístico. En mi tiempo libre tomo fotos de Nueva York y de los lugares que visito.



My field notebook

22 - 26 April, 2013

Five minutes in Grand Central is all it took to meet my passion. I was following the advice of Oded Wagenstein, a travel photographer and writer.
He is a regular contributor to the National Geographic Traveler magazine for the Israeli Edition.

In one of his articles about what makes a strong image, Wagenstein recommends to go to places that are going to generate photos with a story and strong human interest. That is, to go to places that are full of people, such as markets, festivals, a central square a busy street. Places just like Grand Central Terminal where I spend a lot of my time everyday for my commutes.

He said in the article “Go with your passion and you will find your stories there”. And that is exactly what I did this week.

I stood in a corner, chose the backdrop that I liked the most, adjusted my camera for the very dark ambiance of Grand Central, and then interesting situations started developing in front of my eyes. In none of these photos I moved from my corner.

I will definitely continue with this technique. I will try next time at other busy places and wait to see what kind of photos I can get.

For these ones I used ISO 3200 f/5.6 in aperture priority. The shutter speed was mostly at 1/50 creating a nice motion effect of the people walking in the station.

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