I'm Rocío. Paraguayan journalist working in NYC. I'm a self-taught photographer. In my free time I take photos of NY and other places I visit.

Soy Rocío, periodista paraguaya en Nueva York. Fotógrafa autodidacta y amante de éste género artístico. En mi tiempo libre tomo fotos de Nueva York y de los lugares que visito.



My field notebook. This is a new segment I´m incorporating in my blog every Friday, starting Today.

This section will contain notes of the lessons I learned in photography based on my experiences. For those who haven´t  read the “about me” portion of my blog in the home page, I’m a self-taught photographer searching for a unique style.

Basically I will share here a couple of bullet points of the notes I take during the week on what works for me and what not in this field.

Week 1/ March 18-22:

1. I forced myself to do street photography with my prime lens. For such a long time I totally neglected the fact that I had a prime lens for my Nikon D3100. I bought a 50mm 1:1.8G last year for about 250$, but never dared to really take it to the streets because I was so used to my 18-55mm lens that came with the camera kit. But this lens is so much superior!!! It forces me to walk backwards a bit more, that is uncomfortable, but the photos are so much sharper. Sharp is great! But I´m still debating with myself whether that is more important than a great composition. I think time will tell me.

2. Always ask someone to take their photo! Always! 99.99% of the time people say yes. If you don´t ask you can get in trouble! Sneaking is rude and people don´t like you taking their photo without telling them. Then there is the issue of courage . I´m still building my own confidence on that.

The secret to build confidence (I think) is to understand  why you decided to do street portraits in the first place. What is your motivation? Is it because you read in a website that to be a good street photographer you must to do it? Is it because you are interested in people? I reached a point in my learning where cityscape looks dull without the human component. To me, nothing tells the story of life better that the face of a person. It makes the city feel real and alive.

Ok, bye for now, let´s see what happens next week. I hope this was useful to you the same it was to me. Good Friday to all!

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